Welcome to Osprey VPS. You probably already know that VPS stands for Virtual Private Server although you could be forgiven for thinking that it stands for virtual pet store where you can play with virtual pets however if you landed here most likely you are interested in servers, not virtual pooches.

Not only is this where you can find great value in terms of value to your pocket it is also great value to the planet because this is green hosting. This hosting will divest your website from fossil fuels – Win Win!

I offer fully managed virtual private servers so you don’t need to be geeky to have a VPS, you just use it, I manage it for you, no need to worry about understanding the server software.

Dedicated servers are quite expensive and not everybody needs a server wholly dedicated to themselves, so using a VPS is a really good compromise which doesn’t even feel like a compromise.

If you don’t see what you want here just ask! I’m happy to chat about what you need in terms of hosting or servers.