The website might be new – launched especially¬† in time to celebrate International Women’s Day however my tech team and I have been around the tech world for quite some time.

Our Core tech team has over 30 years experience in providing web hosting, green web hosting, managed VPS hosting – you get the picture.

Why Green Hosting?

I promote green hosting because the environment has always been important to me, ever since early childhood memories of walking in the woods with my folks who quietly showed me secrets like baby birds being fed by their parents.

We live off-grid so our home is powered fully by renewable energy, in our case it’s wind and solar (PV). Years ago we began to look for green hosts for our business websites and could not find any that were both truly green and super reliable so we decided to provide the service ourselves.

Since then interest in green hosting has blossomed and so now we provide a range of green hosting services.

Who are we?

The core team are an off-grid, rural living, husband and wife tech team, backed up by two friendly tech operatives (just in case). Together we provide many web hosting services and I also teach bespoke courses empowering people to manage and run their WordPress sites with minimal backup and support.

Welcome to OspreyVPS and thanks for visiting.