Brochure Website Gift Voucher

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Includes Wren hosting package and a .com domain name with a discount of €4 compared to buying each separately. This is the full package, both website hosting and domain name (.com).



What is a brochure website?

A brochure website is a one page website, rather like a printed brochure, it has a menu structure and so the page may be structured into different segments which you scroll down through. It is best used for small business sites and is ideal for websites which do not have regular changes. It is not suitable for use as a blog or a media heavy website.

Design it, build the website in html or have a designer do it for you, publish it and that’s the job done. Share the website using social media, your business cards etc however you don’t have to keep working on the website or thinking of new content to post so it really simplifies life.

This gift does not include the website design, it is the web hosting and a .com domain name. Domain name subject to availability.


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