One Year Shared Web Hosting Gift Voucher


This is a gift voucher entitling the owner to one years shared web hosting for a WordPress blog or website.



The recipient is entitled to one full years web hosting, based on a shared hosting plan.

Be aware that this gift does not include a Domain name. It’s the perfect gift for someone who already has a domain name and hasn’t started to use it yet.

Alternatively, if you are unsure whether the recipient wants a .com .party .eu .org or a .ie domain name then this option allows them to choose for themselves.

This voucher includes shared web hosting only, it does not include a domain name.

Shared hosting is a very common server structure for blogging, it’s more affordable than a VPS, Virtual Private Server, which is more commonly used for commercial websites. A VPS provides more security for a commercial or business website. Shared hosting is also an ideal starter for a small business website, it is not necessary to have a blog on it, you can have a website to promote your business or community.

Web hosting does not include web design, a WordPress theme will be uploaded ready for the recipient to begin designing their own blog or website. A WordPress theme is easily changeable and editable so the owner can either start blogging right away or take their time and design their website at their leisure. WordPress is the most popular bogging platform on the Internet, with thousands of both free and purchasable themes it is possible to easily make your website look unique.



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