Using Ospreyh Theme

Ospreyh wordpress theme is built using the Bootstrap framework .

There are several customizations available for this theme via Appearance – Customize. You can change elements colour, link colour, header menu style, footer colour, social link colour and many other aspects.

Header Image (Logo Upload)
For custom header image and custom logo upload this theme uses WordPress Custom Header functionality which can be accessed via WordPress dashboard – Appearance – Header.

  • Upload logo
  • Crop it (recommended cropped image size will be displayed in the square but you can feel free to modify it but you might break the website layout in some cases)
  • Hit Crop and Publish button and you are ready to go.

Menu Setup
The theme supports WordPress Custom menus in header and footer.  And uses a custom made Bootstrap Nav Walker that allows the use  other Bootstrap styling.  It only support two menu levels – main one and sub-menu.

Go to Appearance-Menus and Click Screen Options and make sure that all boxes are ticked

To add an Icon to your link simple place the Glyphicon class name in the links Title Attribute field . Find Glyphicon classes here

Setup Featured Slider For Homepage
Create a post category called Slider. Then write 4 blog posts and add a Featured Image to each one.  We recommended image sizes of  2000×600 or 1920 by 550 pixel images – it’s very important that the images are all the same size.

2. Slider Settings are located in Customize- Ospreyh Options – Main
To enable the slider tick the checkbox and  two other options will appear Slider Category  and Number of slider items.
Select category Slider from dropdown and the number of slides to be used- first set 2, SAVE it, then change it to 3 (bit odd but essential to follow this as there is a glitch).

You can use more than 3 posts as sliders however your site will load slower and of course you can’t use more than  you actually have posts for.  The newest Posts from that category will be used.

Remember to set the category as Slider when you are writing your posts!

Recommended Image Sizes for featured images in other categories for Blog and Single Posts is set to 730 by 410 pixels.

There are 3 widget areas . One area is for static Front Page (if one is used). One is for a regular sidebar. One is for footer widget area.